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                           Amy Auset Rohn


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Through everything I offer, I strive to meet you right where you are and I always speak from the heart to help you grow, transform, and feel surrounded with love from your Guides and Angels.  I have helped hundreds of others to learn, grow, blossom, and touch their own greatness.    It is my deepest desire to help you develop your intuition, learn to trust your inner wisdom, connect to your soul purpose, and be empowered in every area of your life.

Are you ready to really dive in and explore YOUR POTENTIAL?

 Would you love to feel a deeper connection to YOUR INTUITION?  

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 Amy Auset Rohn

**Reiki Master/Teacher


**Priestess of Isis

**Harpist, Musician

Painting "Song of the WInd" commissioned by Kathleen Rice.  To see more of her beautiful, intuitive artwork visit her website